Friday, January 25, 2013

Horror Hotel Update

We wanted to take a few moments to update you on the progress of Horror Hotel. We completed shooting the 2nd episode, "Bookworm" with Elle Trapkin as the obsessed Margaret Taley and Hugh Higgins as the seedy book dealer George Spoetzl. Our experiment with shooting it on "living" black and white was a great success resulting in a vivid black/white/grey color pallet that's very pleasing to the eyes. Special thanks to our Director of Photography Donovan Henneberg-Verity for his supervision of the camera work and director Ricky Hess for his research on Hitchcock filming techniques. This is a very entertaining story both plot wise and visually.

Next we teamed up with Supremacy Films  Errol Sadler and Brandon Thaxton (Director) to co-produce our pilot episode, "Houdini's Hand". A fast paced thriller about a pair of burglars who steal a priceless mummified hand from a one armed safecracker. The hand escapes it's box to create chaos in the hotel room and leaves them a little "short-handed". Co-starring Tony Folden as the assured Rufus, Montrel Miller as his sidekick, Tyrone, James Edward Thomas as fence Al Sharko and Mike Bend as the determined Stumpy Nixon. "Houdini's Hand" screens at Get Connected January 31st to a group of local filmmakers. It is attracting the largest audience to date at that venue! We are totally pleased and honored at the local support for Horror Hotel.

We are currently finishing up the shooting for the 4th episode entitled "Invader". It will have a retro Ray Bradbury feel and look and will also air in black and white. It is a sci-fi tale about a falsely accused sci-fi writer who is cornered by a paranoid posse of whacky residents living at the hotel. Our resident alien, Troy Halverson, rocks the other worldly character. Other cast include Susan Moss as the paranoid Helen Kravitz, James Edward Thomas as the sci-fi writer, Darien Johnson as the trigger happy Mikey Bone and Jerry Irwin as the delightful, whacky, Gerald Boyd. Ricky Hess and Cidnee Richardson did an amazing job on the alien make-up and special effects. We are so delighted with this episode and can't wait to show it to you. Directed by Kyle Kukshtel, a recent Georgia Tech graduate. Special thanks to the camera team including Donovan Henneberg-Verity and Ben Lambeth as well as to Cinevation Media for a superb job as colorists for this episode.

We continue to get requests to do interviews for online entertainment magazines including one recent interview with BZfilm. We have another interview coming out in a few weeks with Women in Film and Television in Atlanta in which we talk about distribution platforms for web series.

Well,  I think that about catches us up for now. Check back often as we will have more exciting news and behind the scenes shooting pics.